Multitemporal Thougths about Multicentered Soulwork, Part 1

This is going to be a cautious attempt to make a blog in english. This whole thing is gonna be a little unusal blog, because I will write just about my reflective inner theater: multicenterd soulwork process. For me individuated Self is a director of it’s multicentered conscious and unconscious processes. My native language is finnish so, please, excuse me, all the grammar and other mistakes.

Where should I begin? Well, maybe a good start would be opening my and my peers’ view that a physical or psychological problem can be an opportunity for personal healing. I notice now afterward that I took seriously the advice of Carl Jung (Letters, Volume 1): Unfortunately, I’m unable to interpret your dream. I wouldn’t dare to let my intutions handle your material. But, since I appear in your dream, I cannot refrain from making the remark that I like thick walls, and I like trees and green things, and I like many books. Perhaps you are in need of these three good things?

For me this world of mysterious inner soulwork revealed when I had about five years ago breast cancer and mental ”burn-out”. This turning point of my life was actually in addition the moment I noticed in my small farm in the middle of wilderness that God always speaks mythologically (C.G.Jung, Letters, Volume 1). Ever since those days I have been more and more convinced that the greatest changes in personal and cultural life do not come as a result of a intellectual rational process, but the phantasy and dream life are the creator of creative meaningful ethic life.

So during the last five years something peculiar has been going on in my mind. I quess it was the hypnotherapy education which started a massive inner healing process inside of me. I participated a 3-year-course of hypnotherapy for health care professionals in which I learned the method of Egostate therapy. That was the starting point of my inner process. Egostate therapy has certain assumptions like that your inner mind is multicentered: You are a collection of different egostates. A coherent self knows its states and a harmonious personality is for ever changing coherent collection of different conflicted states. To know yourself is to know your states and make them masters of inner fantasy dialog. I think that the problem is in our multicultural fragmened world that the fragmented people who do not know themselves. Only few of us are directors of our inner life. Most of us are directed by our ”superego” or in egostate therapy we call them ”introjects”. When our true Self is not personally directing our inner theater this gives unfortunately for shadowy authorities a great potential for power.

Actually I have quite the same attitude as Carl Jung. He writes (Analytical Psychology: It’s Theory and Practice). : I have no power complex in the Adlerian sense because I have been fairly successful and in nearly every resepct I have been able to adapt. If the whole world disagrees with me, it is perfectly indifferent to me. I have a perfectly good place in Switzeland, I enjoy myself, and if nobody enjoys my books, I enjoy them. I know nothing better than being in my libary, and if I make discoveries in my books, that is wonderful. Actually I have no need for a place in academic power hierarchies: I personally think that my destiny is to write and help other people to write for being more coherent, individuated and more consciouss personalities.

There is almost always an inner tension in the person but the wonderful thing is that the greater the tension, the greater is the potential. Great enery springs from a correspondingly great tension between opposites (Paracelsus as a Spiritual phenomenon, CW 13). Since my transformative illness I have never been the same person than before by illness. It opened my eyes to see more clearly that most of the people identify themselves with their business and their titles because they in that way try to get the approval of society. In Carl Jungs words identification with one’s office or title is very attractive indeed, which is precisely why so many are nothing more than the decorum accorded to them by society. In vain, one would look for a personallity behind the mask. Underneath all the padding, one would find a very pitiable little creature. That is why the office – or whatever this outer husk may be – is so attractive: it offers easy compensation for personal deficiencies (The realtions bewtween the Ego and the Unconscious, CW 7).For me the personal grace and emphaty for myself is in the heart of truly emphatetic and ethic person.

Actually I have been interested in philosophy, psychotherapy, NLP and literature for years. In the middle of personal traumatic life situation I noticed that inside of me started a big scriptotherapeutical reflective learning process: I began to work with my inner states by kind of writing which was partly a process which you could call automatic writing. Actually nowadays I suppose that hypnosis and automatic writing are about same kind of inner creative states of inner world. In both of them the blockings of your consciouss mind disappear. In the process the center of yourself change. So to find what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection with unconciouss is needed and that can be done for example by imaginative reflective writing.

It is more an more clear to me that a wrong functioning of the psyche can do much injury to the body. Just as conversely, a bodily illness can affect the psyche. For psyche and body are not separate entities, but one and the same life (Transformantional Symbolism in the Mass, CW 11). The cancer was an alarm of my body: You have to change your way of relating to your body and the earth. Ofcourse it had it’s physical dimension, too, and I am greatful of the medical help I got.

I think that Carl Jung was right: The psyche is the greatest of all cosmic wonders (On the nature of psyche, CW8). And Carl Jung always emphasized that the middle period of life is a time of enormous psychological importance. At least this has been the truth in my personal life. In these years of middle period a man can breathe his own life into things. A miracle is that every person can kind ot catalysize this inner individuation process. Carl Jung (Memories, dreams and Reflections) writes: I think that what happens is not that the consciousness creates itself – it wells up from unknown depths. In childhood it awakens gradually, and all through life it wakes each morning out of the depths of sleep from an unconscious condition. It is like a child that is born daily out of the primordial womb of the unconscious. For me my farm Siirtola in Kuhmo near the Russian boarder is a holy primordial womb in which the true me is beeing born all over again.

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